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Hey all

Well my name is Danny Booby, live in sunny down town Bacchus Marsh in Victoria, Australia, I was your typical kid growing up it the 80's and 1990's, before playstations iPads efc, we all rode our BMXers everywhere, my first bike was a Kuwarhara ET ( the apollo bikes version ) that I still have and my brother Craig had a Mongoose Moto Mag ( i think ) which i have taken possesion of !!! we rode all over the place.

Then in 1989 we starting racing BMX then the new track was built near our house in Mill Park, Victoria, ( lalorpark BMX club ) we raced locally for the first 2 or 3 years then we got new bikes for Christmas me a Quick Silver out of the trading post and my brother a Mongoose Expert, now we where cool !!! we started racing opening meetings

In 1992 we where lucky enough to go on a trip overseas with Mum, Dad, Sister, Grandfather and Brother, we went to the UK and Europe but all me and my brother wanted to do is get to the USA ( the home of BMX and all our BMX superheros !!! )

after 2 months travelling we finally got there and to our surprise dad had organised Travis Chipres from mongoose to pick us up and take us around to some tracks and to the mongoose head office, we got what we considered our first race bikes, a Blue Chromolly Mongoose Solution with 3piece GT cranks, now we where super cool !!!!!

When we got back to the great land that is Australia racing bmx went into over drive with my sister starting racing as well, as we got better we travelled to the USA where we would buy bike bits and pieces, bring them back and sell them to cover our trip as this started to get bigger and bigger with people giving us orders before we left, my dad the salesman thought there could be a business there, so around 1994 or 1995 we started "Pride Bikes" and with the friends and connections we made in the USA started importing S&M, CRUPI, ELF, SUPERCROSS, TECHNIQUE with a few other brands, there use to be group wholesalers in the USA where you rocked up and it was like a Safeway store but all BMX gear at wholesale prices so we where bringing all sorts of gear in

as this got bigger dad became the president of the LalorPark BMX Club (7 years running) we decided to stop mums complaining of all the mess at home and open a retail shop, thats when BHQ Bicycleheadquarters was opened, we ran the ELF, SUPERCROSS, S&M race teams, we won the teams trophy at the Nerang Australian Titles, first team to beat GT in 6 years

Fast foward 10 years and 20kgs !!! I have a 6 year old son and the BMX bug has hit !!! being a horder I still have most of my old gear, and my brother BMX gear he didnt want so I have that as well, I will get some pics up of all the bits and pieces soon

I am a mad S&M fan seeing the S&M factory in 1994 and riding Sheep Hills is something I will always remember, ELF is by far the best race bike I have ever ridden, closly followed by an S&M Holmes

I have built up a S&M RV frame to start riding with the intention of racing in mid to late 2013, I have joined a club so the wheels are in motion !!!!!!

thats is a quick run down of "about me" I have heaps more I could put down, some cool stories and great memories but we will save that for another time !!!!


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