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Rode back in the day but had health issues and wasn't able to keep up. Ride allot of dirt and very, but mostly street. I practically lives at Woodward all summer every summer growing up among other bmx camps. I cracked a couple frames like the subvert 3, blammo, Mirra Pro but not this beast. I loved the threaded forks that Haro came out with. I had so many problems with those damn headsets. I was replacing 2 a month (no joke). I am still in the original bearing set and no problems since. I bought a Beefy Bottom Cup to avoid any damage to the head tube and never a problem again. I'm out of bmx but just don't want to sell it some some kid who won't really appreciate what this bike is. A 2hip Pork is no kids toy. I'm into dirt bikes and fast cars now. BMX put a beating on me back then and I'm paying for it now. Bike is for sale $120. It's been sitting in my shop for a long time and it's beginning to get in the way. Email me for more info or pics. Text might be easier 814-280-8205


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