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Always looking for a 1998 GT Pro Series Mini for sale! If anyone has one or knows of anyone selling one please contact me ????. Here is a short story about that bike lol.

In 1998 I was 7yrs old with an ambitious dad to get me into any and all sports possible. He bought that 1998 GT and took me straight to the local bmx track. Being 7yrs old I was very nervous since all other kids seemed a lot older then me. I hesitantly road my bike around the track while others zoomed passed me! I finally finished the lap and my dad encouraged me to go back to the starting gate. As I was setting my self up, I help myself from going with the tips of my shoes, and with my luck that day I lost traction and flew down the first hill. In a panic I held onto the handle bars and tried my best to keep straight. I forgot about my breaks and my pedals as I flew over the first jump feeling like I was 10ft high. Someone how I made it to the next jump.. I then reached a height of 20ft, as my chest began to move over the handle bars, flipping forward and catching myself with my chin on the dirt track. 6 stitches later I never went back to that track ????

Fun little story about that bike ha. In my later teen years I sold that bike and now looking for a new one for the memories. Hope you enjoyed the story!