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My name is Daniel and I grew up in small town South East Idaho where racing and jumping bikes after school was the thing. Catching lonely rural roads that had 1/4 mile dowhills and canales with sweet jumps made it impossible to be good at homework. Grew up and moved to the bigger city where the freestyle frame is king. My first bike I was an too young to remember, it had to of been late 80' early 90' Huffy, but all I remember was that it was Candy Apple Red and it was a sweetbike too ride. This bike was stolen from me from a relative while I was on vacation. My second bike I got when I was 14 and still have with me. My pops went and got a bike that he thought was " nice lookin " and it was a 20" 1984 Blue Classic American Racer,  with Blue Tuff wheels, MKS pedals and MACH grips, it's almost all original condition with the exception of a few parts that he went and got at Bill's bike shop. Neither of us knew what he got, but man did the old man hit it in the spots. I still own this and it's not the best but it's better than most would think caues that thing is a beast on a dirt track, super fast and agile. My third bike, not sure of the year but it was an early 90's 20" Red  w pinstripes Redline mx20 Freestyle Prostyler, completely original in great shape that I worked for for my 17th B day. This bike was down the street where I lived, no joke, another kid needed money and I got it for $120 bucs, bike was stolen from me and all I can say is I will buy this bike again some day. My fourth bike is one that has history good and bad. It is a later 90's Schwinn Predator fw Orange pedals, black and Silver seat and Black bars. This bike was also stolen from me while on vacation. I liked it so much that I recently came across it on line and bought it, and it's my restoring project. I apologize for not knowing all the years and most details of the top but glad that i'm not too bad here. So much too keep learning and sharing, I hope I can share cool old school stuff about bikes and learn all the same from everybody. Ride on dudes. ????????

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