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Hey there! My name is Nicole and i'm huge fun of BMX i even decided to write my essay about my passion to bmx. Ordinary BMX bikes appeared in the sunset of the sixties of the last century. They were similar to motorcycles for motocross and were designed to overcome obstacles in the form of ledges on loose ground. After some time, almost every child possessed such a bicycle. BMX, as before, is intended for racing races, however, a child, in most cases, cannot appreciate all the technical charms of this vehicle, using it to travel to and from school.

The BMX usually has 20-inch wheels, knobby tires, a direct steering wheel with a crossbar, a small seat, long connecting rods and a rear hand brake. The frames of these bikes are lightweight and durable. The higher the price, the lighter the vehicle will be.

BMX are made using chrome steel or aluminum. Chrome frames are a bit heavier and more economical. Aluminum frames are lighter and most often made from a heavy and specially shaped frame pipe. Aluminum also does not suffer from corrosion.

BMX bikes are also sold with different sized frames. The table below shows approximate size specifications for people of certain age categories.