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All the bikes I have built are for sale.  These BMX rides are products of MooseDeer Ltd. At MooseDeer Ltd. our focus is on fixing environmental issues though grassroots endeavors. Building rider ready BMX bikes being one these ways.  Buy a freedom rider and make a better planet. 

Currently the '91 GT Mach 1 is available on eBay.

Check out this listing or contact me though "messaging" on this site if you are interested in making a purchase. 

I grew up in Charles County, Maryland.  Raced my Mongoose with red Skyway II mags, freewheel, at the St. Charles park near the Waldorf Post Office.  Please reply if you know this place or the other places I mention.  It was so long ago, it is just hazy fun memories.   A couple of other tracks in Prince Georges County, Maryland, like Millersville and another near AAFB off Rt. 5.  Paid for my bike parts by delivering The Washington Post every morning for atleast six years.  It was a good gig until....I got a '69 Camaro, by busting my ass at three different jobs one Summer.  Then, set off to college and wound up on a 26" beach cruiser with gears.  Bought a mountain bike in college that was stolen the first day I moved into Washington, DC after graduating college.  GO TERPS.   My next bike was a turquoise Marin MTB.  Landed a courier job with Action out of Rosslyn, if any buddie been there , yell yeah, busted a groove there, I mean worked my _ _ _ off for them one drenched wet spring that was freezing _ _ _ cold.  Came home frozen like a popsicle.  That's where I proved I had learned several survival tricks on the BMX track.  Take er from there, I like starting with a frame and fork and putting together a color synced, joyous melody of cruz deliciousness, with some pop on the track, or on the streets of my neighborhood, for me, even today. … a9f396eaf/


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