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80s kid. Still am!!!  cool
im lookin for
1] 1983 gt nora pro bars uncut n decent.
2] 1980-83 robinson forks and bars(i have an 81')
3] rear 20" gt rhythm rim with mowhawk hub but rhythm works.           
4] need a black flame 24" t1000 Front complete rim,spokes n hub (NO skinny 1 1/8 rim.) i need front t1000 to be about 24 x 1.75ish(24x1.50 would be ok tho.)
5] And i love any gt standers and performer seat clamps. 

QUESTION: Is there a secret shop idk about for these? U ever see any? Or im wasting time?
** FUTURE selling not buying plan starting soon******

SELLING (IM gonna start w full bikes then do the parts thing bit id rather not as i have a lot of original complete beautiful bikes with some COOL stuff for em.  Also i have  80s-2000s of Gt, Powerlite, and Haro mid but even some 80s Haros equip.  And elf and a couple robinsons. Auburn cr20i too..and a couple redlines.etc
If u have sold me something on here and remind me i will see what i can come up with... and discount if u hooked me up b4 . A lot of u guys have treated me so well here. Thx again.  Plz remind as i forget n i will adjust prices accordingly.... if i ever switch from buyer to seller.... big IF... big_smile


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