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Hello All,
     I am a 43-year old guy, born in 1974. I was into BMX from about 1982 -1987 but fell prey to skating around '87. I joined the museum because I am recently retired after 21 years of government-related service and I am getting back into the hobby. I need some cardio activity and I have plenty of time for project bikes. I'm a kid at heart and enjoying everything (but the $prices$) so far.
     As you can tell by my handle, I am a Diamond Back fan. My first bike was a Huffy Thunder Road haha but my love was a chrome  '83 Viper. The rich neighbor across the street had an '84 HLT and that was my dream bike. That kid might have ridden it twice EVER and never let anybody else try it. He wasn't even allowed to around the block so it was waste of a beautiful machine. I digress.
     While I am new to this site, I have been buying & selling (mostly buying) on evilbay since 2003. I currently have over 1600* feedback at 100% (at least 2500 transactions) so I am a reliable person to deal with. I look forward to many purchases here on the site and I'll probably have a thing or two to sell every now and then. I just finished up a very clean '84 Viper (Pacer 500) with upgraded DB Pro cranks and modern rolling stock and added it here on the museum. At the moment, I am about 90% finished with an '85 Mongoose Californian Cru Jones replica.... I know, I'm not the first one. Bike number three is an '84 DB Formula1 and that's about 60% done. I might have to slow down some after that but I am not short of ideas nor desires! I'd like to thank the admin and fellow members for making this all possible.
Stay RAD,


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