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42 years young.  In 1990 my beloved Cycle Craft Pro with Free Agent Forks, Original Redline Cranks, DK stem, Powerlite bars, Araya Aero Rims with Bullseye hubs and shimano pedals with Urchin cages was stolen.  By then I was approaching sixteen and wasn't racing much anyway. Thirteen and fourteen expert (NBL) I raced top ten in Florida.  13x I sported the 6FL plate all year. 14x I trained hard and raced my ass off to grab 4FL down at Boys Town bmx in Homestead.  My home track was in Cape Coral.  I raced there EVERY Saturday night.  I also had family up the road in Sarasota do I got alot of racing in on Friday nights up there.  They had already converted to red clay and asphalt berms.  Cape was all sand and shell rock.  Anyway, bike was stolen and I was upset.  I'd worked hard to get the money to order every custom part I had on the bike.  I scrubbed pots and pans, mowed lawns and u name it to order everything from old Nighthawk BMX.  Originally those parts (except the flight cranks) were on a Profile Champ.  I cherished that Profile frame and forks.  But eventually outgrew it and moved on to Free Agent.  At that time, free Agents were so popular I had to get on a waiting list for the chrome plated version (with black Free Agent decals).  Raced that awhile.  Then got sponsored by a local bike shop.  First thing I wanted from my sponsor was the FredZ handlebars I'd been hearing about and seeing.  He had a waiting list for those.  So when his next supply came, he called me and told me he'd set aside a set of Red for me.  My bullseye hubs were blood red so I grabbed em.  Honestly only raced em two weeks before swapping back to the powerlite bars. I loved the feel of those.  Then a kid who's parents bought him anything he wanted was selling some JT racing pants.  Mine were to small so I inquired.. After talking to the kid, he wanted a chrome bike in the worst way.  I worked out a trade giving him my Free Agent frame for his nearly brand new Cycle Craft frame (blood red and black). Met my FA forks and swapped everything over.  That's the bike I won State top tens on.. Those low rear dropouts helped.  I'd also become a salty track tested rider and one of few at Cape Coral BMX who could consistently jump the monster set of doubles right outta turn one.  So by 15, I'd found skateboards, girls and motorcycles.  No time for racing.  But still cherished my bike.  It was stolen.  I always said one day I'd rebuild and race again.  At the time (15 yrs old) I was only about 5'6" tall and maybe 110 lbs. 
Well in 2016 I finally began building again.  The dynamics had changed ALOT.  Bikes were aluminum.  Cassette hubs were the way to go.  I was astounded at the changes.  There'd also been major changes in me.. I was as I am now 6'5" tall and 250lbs.   So first I built a 2015 Redline XXXL 20".  Great bike and with a 22.4" top tube and a 63mm stem, fits me nicely.
But I also wanted a cruiser. I'd never been on one but being nearly 6'6" tall and weighing 260lbs made shredding on a 20" feel a bit tenuous at best.
Yesterday I finished building my Cycle Craft XL Cruiser.  What a dream to ride.  It's like being on a 20" back in the day.  It feels great.  I'm headed to race on it ASAP.  Hopefully at 42 (turning 43 in November) I'll still be competitive.  So much thanks to Patrick Deats of Cycle Craft for getting me the frame XL cruiser and new FredZ bars (cruiser) for two frames I'd acquired.  Also have to thank Power Cycle bmx in Orlando.  Awesome shop and Will (the owner) is a great guy!  He's helped me all along with understanding the new stuff and given me some great deals on parts I've needed along the way.


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