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I have been collecting and building bikes for about 5 years. I Mostly started back with BMX to introduce my 2 sons to the fun of riding and being outside instead of on electronic gadgets. Like everyone born in the 70's, I enjoyed riding, racing, and jumping with friends every day until it was dark. My parents could never afford anything cool. I had a late 70's huffy then got a 83 team Murray XR20 (track certified) for Christmas that I customized with Hutch bars and a GT seat post. After breaking that frame on a big jump, I found a (most likely stolen)Redline 600a frame at a swap meet and made a frankenstein bike. People made fun of my heavy duty Murray forks. My bike was my prize possession and I was sad to sell it in '86 when I needed money for a car. The 80's were awesome and this hobby helps me go back to that time in my life. Make BMX great again!

Feedback is important to me. I always give it when I buy something. I appreciate it when I sell something as well.


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