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I've been into BMX since I was about 6 (1978). That Christmas I got a Raleigh Blazer. A pre-BMX style bike. Like a small Schwinn, except the Irish version. I graduated to a Team Murray BMX on my 8th Christmas ('79 or '80?). This was an amazing looking bike for those days but terribly made. My little 8 year old body broke the cast alloy wheels and also the frame, bent the seat post and countless other things. Despite all this, I loved that bike... to pieces, literally! I then really graduated... to a Raleigh Aero Pro Burner! (about '82) This was a serious bike! I still don't know how Santa did it!?!?! I modified the bike with chrome GT handlebars and laid-back seatpost, black Shimano DX pedals, white Acorn Freestyle Mag wheels (I really wanted Skyway's but they were hard to find in Ireland back then), white A'me grips, hollow stem bolt, rotor, and a Skyway platform. That was a nice bike! It got stolen which led me down the path to road bikes and eventually mountain bikes. In the mid 90's, now living in California, my BMX pheromones kicked in again and I got a chrome GT Pro Performer with black three spoke mag wheels. Used it a lot for flatland tricks on Venice Beach. That was a solid bike. I sent it back to Ireland with my Mom so my younger brother could grow up riding a rad bike. I have been BMX-less until just now (Jan. '17), now I have an SE Quadangle Freestyle 24" which I would have Skyway's on except for the axle size difference (3/8" v 14mm - if you know how to mod it, please let me know). I also have an all chrome 2014 Haro 24" Master Skyway coming in the mail ... my ultimate dream BMX! I'll have photos of all these bikes up as soon as I find photos of the old ones and receive the new one next week hopefully. Enthusiastic as ever!


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