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I am a 47 year old male living in Perth Western Australia. I raced BMX from the 1983 to around 1991 and then off and on for a few years. Although my racing days were cut short due to a knee injury i've never stopped loving the sport.
I had all my old school bikes still at my parents place but someone stole all 37 bikes in one day. After that I gave up everything BMX related until about five years ago when I hit the track again. I got the itch to start collecting all the bikes I owned or raced or wanted back in the day.
Over the last 5 years collecting I have owned some pretty nice bikes such as GT, Zeronine, Titan, Hutch, Cyclecraft, DG, Prosight, Powerlite, Cheeta, Auburn and the list goes on and on. 
My unit was broken into in 2020 and again a lot of bikes were stolen including a Titan 24"cruiser, 1999 Cheeta Schoony, 1991 Auburn CR20R, 1981 CW ZL Pro, 1994 Hawk F20l and a few others. This break in did knock me a bit for a while but I'm back stronger than ever and building some ever better survivor race bikes.
These days though my stable holds a lot less bikes that it did 18 months ago however the ones I have all mean something special to me.

Since then I have also started a group here in Perth called West Coast BMX which is dedicated to preserving the history of BMX in Western Australia.


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