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Old school freestyler from '84 until '89. First "freestyle" bike was a Schwinn Predator Free Form EX. As I got better, my collection got SWEET. An '85 GT Pro Performer, '86 Pro Performer and an '87 GT Pro Freestyle Tour. Kinda became a GT guy, Eddie Fiola being my idol and all.. Got a co-sponsor from General Bicycles, a Surf Shop and a bike shop, and had a cool ass childhood. Long story short, got my driver's license, quit cold turkey and started chasing girls. Gradually sold everything I had. Yep.. STUPID!
My son Max is 11yrs old, and FINALLY moving from skateboarding, of which he is AWESOME at, to BMX FREESTYLING. Showing my son some OS tricks and working with him has been priceless..PRICELESS, and I've caught that fever again, at 44yrs old, to build a few bikes! Old school bikes, of course! Hell yeah..
So glad I came across bmxmuseum!! Such awesome flashbacks with every bike I see on here. Only wish my pockets were deeper.. Cheers!

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