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Back in 1983 or thereabouts my parents bought me a department store freestyle bike. From what I can remember the bike was called a “Baja Freestyle”. The frame was white and it had a loop tail drop out with real welds, no stamped steel stuff. I loved that bike and I made many modifications to it. From what I can remember, I changed the goose neck, the handlebars, the tires and the brake pads. It had white five spoke mag wheels on it. They looked like ACS mags. Of course, like everything else on the bike they were knock offs. The bottom tube on the frame was oval, similar to a PK Ripper but it had a teardrop like shape. The logos were blue and red, styled in typical 1980s freestyle fonts. Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of it.

Like other kids at the time, I had a vast collection of freestyle and BMX magazines. I dreamed of owning some of the nicer bikes in those magazines. Unfortunately I didn’t have the dough for them. I paid for the upgrade parts on the Baja with my paper route money.

One day a kid in my class said he wanted to buy my bike. I loved that bike and was not willing to part with it, so I stated a price that I believed was higher than anyone would be willing to pay for it. To my surprise, he came back the next day with the money… $300. Now to a kid who only had money from a paper route, this was an enormous amount to have all at once. It was a bittersweet occasion. I really did love that bike. A deal was a deal though.

I had a total of $400 to spend on a new bike, which wasn't enough to buy a GT Performer, Skyway Street Beat, Haro Master, Haro Freestyler or a Hutch Trickstar (at least not where I lived). So I went to the store to buy a Hutch Windstyler. The Windstyler wouldn’t have been my first choice, it was supposed to be within my price range though, and I was anxious to get riding again…

When I got to the bike store, they did not have any Hutch Windstylers in stock. I was pretty disappointed. Then the store owner pointed over to the corner and said “Why don't you take a look at the new Dynos, they're made by GT”.  That is when I first saw my blue Dyno Compe (D30). It had white six-spoke Skyway mags with the black GT tires on it. It came with a Sakai gooseneck, Sakai crank and Dia Compe brakes. The seat post was white and laid back, the handlebars were white as well. I know I installed a rotor on it  at some point, I don't remember what kind…  I also swapped out the handlebars for wider GT Performer bars later on, so that the handlebars would touch the seat. I owned that bike for about 3 years.

I never let the bike out of my sight. I knew there were a lot of bike thieves around. One day my buddy pressured me to go into a store though when we were out riding. He had a GT, not sure which one it was, I know it wasn’t a performer, it was chrome, and the bottom tube was straight…  I gave in, we both flipped over our bikes, and entered the store… of course, when we came back out our bikes were gone, no surprise there… we had a long silent walk home… about 20 minutes in he said he was sorry… I can’t remember exactly what I said, but it was along the lines of… “It’s okay, it’s gone, nothing we can do…”

I got into playing music, and I ended up getting a 12 speed (that I had zero interest in), i still have that one…

That was around 1988 or so - and I haven’t owned a BMX bike since…

About a year ago, I started looking around to see if anyone still had Dynos… that’s when I came across bmxmuseum… and I don’t think I have to explain the rest. I guess before that, I thought… geez, a guy in his mid forties thinking about bmx bikes… I kept talking about it, and eventually my sweet wife said “do it, just build it, you obviously want to, i don’t think you’ll be happy until you do!”

And that’s the story of how I got back into BMX bikes after almost 30 years…


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