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I was a late bloomer to learn to ride a two-wheeler.  My parents tried many times, but I couldn't get the hang of it.  Finally, a neighborhood kid explained some aspect of it that only another kid could understand and i got it!.  I lived on a dead end street so we were always racing in the woods on the trails that we built. At 12, I was racing BMX at the local track in Lawrenceville, New Jersey.  I had a blue Schwinn Scrambler 36 36 with chrome Redline forks, black Tuff I rims, black Tuff Neck with blue alloy bars.  That bike got stolen at the track. My friend was supposedly watching it as I went to make  a phone call at the pay phone across a 4 lane highway.

My Dad fixed golf carts for a living and the shop he worked for was located on the property of this guy Marty, who owned Marty's bike shop in Lawrenceville.  He gave my father a nice discount on a blue and gold Redline MX-II, which I still have to this day. The only thing I did to that bike  immediately after I bought it was trade the gold Araya rims for blue Tuff IIs, updated the grips to Blue Oakleys, and changed the stock tires to blue snakebellies.  The grips and tires were worn from racing/riding so I re-fitted it with the original tires and grips.


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