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I remember when dad helped me replace my front tire on my 78 Kent KMX ..
That bike was the easiest bike ever to learn how to ride a wheelie because it had a huge seat you could just slide back on it and hardly pull up.
and man did it have a cool number plate that made you feel important as a 7yr old !
That damn number plate most likely started my fascination in riding and also the sport of BMX and I think I had that bike until about 81 or 82 and had my sites set on a Redline after seeing the Ad's.
So I saved up my grass cutting, leaf raking, picking up sticks money and bought myself a Chrome Redline that the bike shop had down to frame/fork and they let me do layaway back and id always hang out there anyways just to see what kind of bikes were coming in.( and what cool parts I could grab out of their dumpster before anyone else)
that was when I was 13.
I swapped, traded, and bargained with the owner bill I think his name was to put all gold parts on it. it had a gold holy grail pat-pending tuff stem on it and gold ukais with yellow snakebellys. Gold cranks and gold tuf neck bars with those old black and yellow grab on grips, Dia-Compe gold brakes with the cool clear yellow brake cables they had back then and that was what started the obsession with having bikes around me, I could stare forever just proud as could be.
I rode that bike until July of 85 when it got stolen out in front of the same bike shop and I was devastated, Bill and I hurried and jumped in his van to chase the guy who was halfway across the parking lot by then and we ended up losing him and I was out the baddest bike in the hood and crushed.

Bill told me about the new line of haro's coming out before Christmas and I thought hmm id have all winter to build it probably and, maybe I would like freestyle also so he said keep working on what money I can save up. a few months later he made a couple calls down the street to another bike shop  where the owner said he had just gotten some haro's in and come on down to look as he felt bad for me having my bike stolen and knewI was heartbroken about the Redline from Bills conversation with him.

Man, when I walked in he was standing on a ladder about 15 feet high like a smiling king hanging the first Haro master he opened, I told him not to bother and to come on down ill take it before even asking the price. Look man you had a rough last couple weeks Ill do it for 140 out the door frame and fork.

That was the last time in my life that I only had one bicycle as they kept stacking up after that getting to around 53/54 before I started thinning the heard as I could not afford a place to put them and my parents were getting pissed banging there legs on shin shredding pedals all the time as the 4 bedroom house was filling up!
I'm currently at around 24-25 bikes and a few framesets, some with me to play with and some in storage and I kind of plan on leveling off after a few select purchases and maybe a few swaps. I'm getting slower and older but hey  now, I may not be a "normal" according to the hoarding terms but hey My family, friends and some artistic steel as I like to call them are all I need brother and that's truth..and wow was I not just my own therapist? lol

by the way.. I still have that Haro Master and its pretty damn close mint condition after 30+ years and a few hundred miles on it.

and yeah, yeah...It hurts now when I fall, that's how I know I'm old and need to start looking both ways before crossing again!


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