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All about the mid-school era. Grew up racing BMX, but in my later teens I started to focus more on street-riding and trails. I used to be a pretty damned good dirt jumper, and built trails both in Fresno and Livermore, CA. I spent a lot of time during the nineties riding teacups and Calibasis in San Jose, CA, and was a competitive rider. I've always enjoyed building trails more than anything else, and have probably moved a thousand tons of dirt in my lifetime. A serious shoulder injury sidelined me around 2005, and I'm just now getting back into riding. I enjoy bringing mid-school bikes back to their glory, and am the creator/admin of Mid-School Momentum BMX on Facebook -
I love, respect and admire all eras of BMX, but mid-school will always be where my heart is. I'm a huge Standard Bykes dude, and am still riding the first STA I ever bought back in 1994. I have a deep appreciation for all the rider-owned companies that popped up during the mid-school era, and feel that the underground hardcore "edge" those companies brought to the BMX world helped fuel a new era of riding that focuses more on the riders than on flashy ads and profit margins. A testament to this is how many hardcore new-school shredders are tearing it up on those same rider-owned companies' bikes.
Aside from BMX, I own a BBQ catering company, and have my own line of competition BBQ rubs and spice blends - . I also do graphic arts and web design, so I guess you can call me a jack of all trades. Overall though, building bikes is my main hobby at the moment. Glad to be a member of this community...


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