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I've been riding BMX since 1987 after my parental units built our house on the empty lot that used to be the neighborhood dirt track.  We rode ramps in the cul-de-sac, hit the trails at the creek, and explored as far as we could.  Somewhere around 1990 my Murray stem broke, bars flew up in my hands, and I biffed.  The replacement bike was a crappy Huffy mountain bike that I would destroy.  Somehow after all the hundreds of times I watched RAD, almost wearing out our bootlegged VHS tape, my parents didn't reach out to see if there was racing locally.

I built bikes for Walmart for a couple years starting in 1996.  Bike Builder Chris was amazingly knowledgeable in bikes and vehicular tuning.  I then worked for Toys-R-Us (better bikes there, really, but not by much), and then Oshman's Sporting Goods, kinda like Dick's but cooler and with a serious integrated bike shop.

Fast forward many years of having too much fun, and along come the kids.  I managed a local 501.c3 bike shop next to UMKC after graduating with an Environmental Science degree in 2012 for a bit, then moved to Lawrence.  I've expanded my bike harvesting to get kids and parents on wheels at the expense of space in my home.

I had my son riding early, without training wheels by 3 and on dirt single track trails by 4.  I discovered racing when I found an old Hoffman Dirty One:30 at the scrap yard.  After building it up with a little help from my friends, I got my first BMX to ride with my son.  The addiction took off, and now we have around 16 BMX bikes.  My mountain bike just gathers dust.

Everett, my 7yo, was assigned plate 666, lucky little heathen!  I am Devil's Dad with the 667 plate.  Look for #DemonChildBMX on the inter-webs.  See you at the track!


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