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Seriously, if you have a fudgin big ass house and you post up pix of your "project car", dont franking ask me for a deal on shit. If bmx were easy we'd call it the tour de france. Thanks Lance for making France hate us MORE, (Which I thought was impossible), I hope you ROT strong.     Long live BRIAN FOSTER. (Geez can't people joke anymore!?)
if you're not going to cheer for the home team get the hell out of the stadium! GO U.S.A!!!
Years ago scientists said California was going to slide into the ocean and I'm still waiting!!!
Rock an 80's jam daily, it's niiiice. It's become obvious to me that some people literally never grow up. The most common facilitator of this perpetual childhood is poor parenting and excess wealth. We end up stuck dealing with a bunch of 40 year old high school juniors that will always believe that there is an elite class of human and a sub class of human. Money being the deciding factor between the two. believing in and voting for a democrat these days is like sending money to those idiots that are dripping gold and diamonds on the church channel.
  pimpin ain't easy