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My prices are my prices... I do not inflate my prices in order to negotiate. They are reasonable. I describe everything as I have explained below with 100% accuracy. Don't assume I'm ignoring you if I don't reply right away, my pc or phone is always signed in, and I may not notice for a while.

You're only as good as your word... no games here.

Please don't contact me with empty promises to buy or trade. I just want to deal with serious people with integrity and have a genuine interest in purchasing what they're inquiring about...  I'm done playing with people who agree to buy stuff then never keep their word, so from here on out I will leave feedback for everyone who does that crap.

Additionally, the worst thing you can do in this hobby is to make an offer that is so far below the worth of an item that the seller doesn't want to do business with you from that point forward. ;)

Sale Condition Definitions!

Mint - typically better than one would expect if new, as if just created and unhandled

New - blemish free, original package (if applicable) also in reasonably new condition, never used, mounted, displayed etc...

Show Mounted - new condition having been used for display purposes only (package not necessarily included)

Excellent - newish with possible blemishes evident from use.

NOS - New Old Stock, never mounted, good condition or better (not, EVER used) This is not, "what you can prove condition"

Good - acceptable blemishes still looks nice, capable of being excellent with some work.

Used - what you'd expect if items were "used" as originally intended, blemishes, scratches, dings maybe rust etc.

Rider - evident wear, sometimes extensive, sometimes abused, still fully functional as originally intended, I.E. the namesake "rider"

Survivor - similar to rider visually, sometimes may need extensive restoration to be fully functional

Poor - salvageable for parts, not likely to be returned to functionality

Junk - could be defined in any condition, make offer, I just want to be rid of it!


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