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A letter I wrote to BMX PLUS! magazine, Mailbag. Published in March 1995 edition, page 10:
Bike Collector
Dear Mailbag,
What happens to BMX and freestyle bikes when they get old? The ones that die from breakage usually get tossed out, but what about the bikes that survive? I collect them! Yes, that's right, your old classics could become collectors items, just like classic cars. I have a heap of old bikes that I bought over the last few years. They include a P.K. Ripper, a Quadangle, an '86 Haro Sport, a '92 Haro Team Master, an '88 GT Pro Freestyle Tour Team, a Torker 2, a couple of old Redlines and Mongooses and an '88 GT Timberline mountain bike.
I truely love the sport. BMX will always have a soft spot in my heart.
David ********
NSW Australia.
"Into riding & collecting BMX before old school was old school."


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