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Long time permanent resident of Japan currently living in Tokyo. Heavily involved in Motorsports for work and play, hobbies are working out, martial arts and BMXing big_smile

Was a reasonably successful BMXer back in the early and mid 80's in Australia being co-sponsored the last few years by Redline and 'Suncoast Cyclery' bike shop. My final year was racing 16 Expert and Pro Cruiser. My BMX career finished on a bit of a sour note but the 5 years or so I was involved were jam-packed and awesome.
My first BMX was a Scorpion (Koizumi), then a Mongoose before switching to Redline. I also had an APOLLO 24" which I had to disguise as a Redline as the Redline cruisers were not available in Australia rolllol.

I love all old school BMXs but also don't mind the new ones for the most part. My brother still has his old Hutch Pro from the 80's too in close to mint condition.

I made a comeback to BMX racing at the start of 2020 after 35 years off, did extremely well finishing on the podium in every meeting I entered and as of February 2021 am now once again officially riding for Redline bicycles  big_smile


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