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Rode flatland freestyle from 13-15 years old after getting bored street riding as a young kid. As soon as the legends broke out like Haro, Wilkerson, Osborn, Fiola and all the other legends/greats,that I didn't mention started tricking, I was hooked. I was lucky enough to have a great Mom who bought me what she could afford with the little money she made. I can't for the life of me, after years of struggling to remember the brand of the bike but it was an off brand name. It was purchased at bike shop in 1985 in Bloomington, IN. If I could remember, it would be my Master Piece. It was good but had knock off brakes rims and parts really so I became a bike mechanic and brake expert. Finally, after a whole summer after working my tail off cutting 5-8 lawns a week to buy my first Haro Master and built it ground up after ordering all the parts from all the stores in the magazines like Franks and the others. I loved that bike. Bad choice going with Peregrine Masters when braking power was essential trying to learn tricks. Practiced every flatland freestyle trick I saw or read about in the "How to's" in BMX PLUS and Freestylin' magazines. Was lucky enough to have a friend that I rode with that now owns Hutch, John DeBruin. He and another crazy mofo, Bill Knutson were racers but we all street rode and that was our bond. Owned a 85 Haro Sport, 87 Team Sport, 85 MCS Styler, 87 GT Performer and of course, the first which I can't remember(Trakker Rambler).

At 37 I began riding again after a local guy and I met. Began perfecting tricks I couldn't at 15 years old, Can-can lawnmowers, squekers and several others I was perfecting. I began buying frame/fork combos and testoring them. My Dyno D-Tour was the first then it snowballed into total restorations, most catalog correct with NOS parts or close. Then one day a texting driver rear ended me doing 60 mph while I was sitting still. Needless to say, all progress stopped. Thankfully I still ride around, but not much tricking these days. Shit happens, do it while you can and your only as old as you think you are..ride on!


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