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Where do all the dead men go from the battlefields?
Where are their exploded bones, their useless swords and shields?
In the Hall of Ancient gods, are they now at peace?
Or are they fighting evermore to earn their last release?
Midgard, Heaven, Kingdom Come
Are they all the same?
Fallen heroes, warriors, the valiant, the slain
Did they believe or did they die in vain?
Immortal dead, brothers and sons
When all is said and all is done
Running for your life, dying for the cause
Pawns in the game, voices from the war
The men they march away to fight, their fate is never clean
They never all come home again to tell of what they've seen
In the battles bloody fury, is the verdict just?
Executioner, judge and jury, forgotten in the dust
Valhalla, Happy hunting ground
Are they all the same?
Fallen heroes, warriors, the valiant, the slain
Did they believe or did they die ashamed?
Immortal dead, brothers and sons
All is said, all is done
Fighting to the death, what did they do it for?
Soldiers of the cross, voices from the war
And so you unearth a sense of futility in your miserable life
And after all, why are you surprised?
You know nothing nor care to know anything
And so the world is going to F**K you
Dead heroes who fell in countless wars
Who gave their tomorrows for your today mean nothing to you
And I am certain that they are truly sorry for their sacrifice
So if you feel that the world is treating you badly, just remember
They're probably coming back from the dead to haunt you
For the rest of your putrid, franking life, ha ha ha ha ha!
The battlefields are silent now, the graves all look the same
The crosses without number and so many without names
In the battles misery drowned in blood and fear
A hundred, hundred, thousand for a hundred thousand years
Are they in a better place?
Or do they lie unclaimed?
The heroes, the deserters, the cowardly, the shamed
Did they know or did they die insane?
Mourn for the lost, stolen from their lives
Gone before their time, no chance to say goodbye
Fighting to the death, how could they be so sure?
Voices from the grave, voices from the war
Voices from the war


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