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Live in Hong Kong, When I was 10-13 years old, had a 16 inch pit Kuwahara Bmx and a GT performer in 80s, which were both Taiwan made I guess. In 2002-2003 there was the 1st wave of Old School Bmx nostalgic moment in Hong Kong, riders were all around 30 yrs+, digging NOS parts from bikes stores over HK, and Ebay, at that time, I had my first Kuwahara Laserlite geared in Skyway tuff wheel and all Authentic parts, which it wouldn't be afford when we were kids, and then I'd got a KZ-1 built with all NOS parts which was the highest moment in my old school bmx hobby, and then I built a hawk F20, then i bought a SE bikes original colour Om Flyer 2011 re-issue, in the same time i was try to built my Laserlite into white color which would look the same as my first taiwan made 16 inch BMX in the 80s, but it still not yet finish.......


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