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1980's Mongoose Factory Team Race Uniform



Early 80's Aussie Mongoose Factory Gear

Though i'd post a couple of pics of my younger sisters race gear from BITD, she was sponsored by Mongoose and was Australian Champion for her age in 1983 and 1984, and came 3rd at the 84 World Titles in Japan. She is a bit reluctant to get involved in the forums, holding down a job and looking after 2 kids, but hopefully very soon i'll have her convinced to get back out on the bike again in our Retro Series. Unfortunately her bikes from bitd are long gone and sadly our photo albums destroyed in a flood many years ago, but she kept her gear and some plates. I'll get a pic of the plates and her major trophies very soon.

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  • Posted 9/26/2013
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    That's a great set of gear indeed! I have my old factory jersey but the pants have long since vanished.


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