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Profile Racing’s Legacy (1991)

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Profile Racing's Legacy...

Profile Racing’s Legacy: Week 23, 1991. (6/18/2018)

The Profile Ripsaw sprocket is born.

At this point in bmx, there were few 1-piece, solid race chain wheels available. Most bikes utilized the spider / chainring combo.

Based on a steel sprocket design from the 50’s, Corey Alley designed the Profile Ripsaw.

From on a hand rendering, Corey used coding devised from trigonometry (with help from a scientific calculator) to transcribe the design into CNC “G” code. At this early stage of design, Profile did not use CAD drawing internally in the factory.

For the time, the Ripsaw Sprocket had a plethora of teeth options: 39t through 48t.

It was originally available in Silver, Black, Red, Blue, Gold and Purple.

Believe it or not, Purple (at the time of it’s release) was one of the most popular colors sold.
Profile Racing catalogue circa 1995 featuring the Ripsaw Sprocket

Source: Profile Racing, Inc.
Title: Profile Racing’s Legacy: Week 23, 1991.
Date: June 18, 2018
URL: … k-23-1991/

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    What year did you use the thin line logo on the ripsaw?