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Tubolito Tubo Flix-Kit




Tubolito Tubo Flix-Kit

  • Overview...
  • Specially developed to repair/patch all Tubolito products, including Tubolito Tubo-BMX inner tubes
  • Easy to use, as it's an adhesive tape solution
  • Details...
  • The Flix-Kit contains 5 patches and 5 alcohol cleaning tissues
  • Application instructions...
  • Deflate the Tubolite tube and remove it and the tire from the rim
  • Check the inside and outside of the tire for sharp objects, that may have caused the puncture of the tube
  • Inflate the tube to 8 psi (0.5 bar)
  • In order to find the location of the leak, put the tube in a bucket/container of water and rotate it, looking for air bubbles coming out of the tube
  • Use an alcohol wipe from the kit to thoroughly clean the damaged area properly - the damaged area does not need to be roughened
  • When the punctured area on the tube is dry, remove the Tubo patch from its protective film and press the patch onto the tube and hold it for about 5 minutes
  • Re-inflate the tube to  8 psi (if needed) and place back into the water to see if the patch holds air
  • De-flate the tube, install it back into your tire, place the tire back onto your bike's rim, and then re-inflate the tube to the tire's stated installation pressure
  • Misc...
  • Installation video:
  • MSRP: $4.42 USD
  • Made in Austria

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