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Shimano XTR BR-M9020 Hydraulic Disc Brake Caliper



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Shimano XTR BR-M9020 Hydraulic Disc Brake Caliper

  • Overview...
  • Designed for Enduro/Trail MTB bikes
  • A component within Shimano's XTR M9000 Series
  • Features Enduro/Trail related power ratio
  • Very durable and reliable, will give you tons of breaking power, as well as great modulation
  • Features...
  • High rigidity aluminum caliper
  • Two-piece aluminum body
  • Ice Technologies radiator pads
  • Insulated pad coating
  • Aluminum backing on pads
  • Ceramic pistons with insulated coating
  • One way bleeding
  • Details...
  • "Ice Technologies" Heat Management
  • Advanced heat control for stable performance in extreme conditions
  • Conventional disc brakes typically experience "fade" when braking for long durations (e.g., on a long downhill ride) - has a negative impact on braking performance
  • Disc brake rotors and pads with Shimano's Ice Technologies feature cooling technology for consistent performance
  • Ice Technologies' disc brake rotor blades are clad with a 3-layer sandwich structure of stainless steel, aluminum, and stainless steel - provides better radiation performance achieving from 400 °C to 300 °C surface temperature
  • The radiation fin has been adopted for the pad
  • The clad disc brake rotor blade and the radiator fin provide long pad life, less noise, less fade, and lightweight
  • Ice Technology Pads
  • Available in resin or metal compound
  • The optional radiation fin pad with a 2-layer back plate (aluminum fin with stainless steel) - further improves radiation performance
  • The pads have an aluminum backing - to help prevent heat transfer and help isolate braking heat from the fluid
  • Significantly reduce heat build-up in the brake system
  • Ice Technology Pistons
  • Included to achieve optimized lightweight, high rigidity and heat dissipation
  • Oversized pistons transfer hydraulic power directly to the brake pad
  • Ceramic material is used to avoid heat transfer for constant stable braking - providing efficient stopping power transfer without loss
  • The insulated coating helps prevent heat transfer from the pads into the break fluid (helps fight brake fade and give really consistent braking results)
  • "One Way Bleeding"
  • Developed by Shimano for quick and easy prevention of air in their hydraulic brake systems
  • They streamlined the oil route throughout the system to prevent air bubbles from being captured in the system
  • One way oil routing plus a funnel tool with mineral oil provides an easy and clean bleeding system
  • Specs...
  • Weight:
  • Oil: Shimano Mineral
  • Number of pistons: 2
  • Pads: J04C (metalic pad with fins)
  • Recommended brake lever: BL-M9020
  • Recommended cable: SM-BH90-SBM (1700mm long for rear)
  • Lever size (Finger): 2
  • Other...
  • Made in Osaka, Japan

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