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Morphine Ind. Choke Hold Pro

Morphine Industries

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Morphine Industries Choke Hold Front Load Pro Stem

  • Overview...
  • Intended for street, park, and track (BMX racing)
  • Released on 3/21/2010 and available through 2014 (approx.)
  • Unique front-load design with a split two-piece top plate - for weight savings
  • Available in two sizes - 46mm and 53mm lengths
  • Heat treated for strength and durability
  • Details...
  • Style: front load
  • Material: 6061 T6 aluminum
  • Forming: CNC machined from heat-treated aluminum
  • Color: black, blue, gold, red
  • Bolts: 8mm bolts
  • Specs...
  • Fork clamp size: 1-1/8" (for forks with 1-1/8" threadless steer tubes)
  • Bar clamp size: 7/8" (22.2mm)
  • Reach: 46mm, 53mm
  • Rise: ?.??mm (upright), ?.??mm (inverted)
  • Stack height:
  • Other...
  • MSRP: $69.95 (in 2010), $74.99 (by 2014)
  • Weight: 10.1oz/287g (46mm), 10.95oz/310g (53mm) - Source: Ace BMX
  • Made in U.S.A. (Coral Springs, Florida)

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Morphine Industries wrote:

Morphine Industries
Instructions for Stem Installation

  • 1. Slide stem over fork steer tube
  • 2. Remove both top bar clamps from stem
  • 3. Center bars on stem
  • 4. Replace both top bar clamps on stem
  • 5. Using a torque wrench, tighten bolts till 8.5 nm (75 in-lbs) is reached on each bolt (follow the bolt pattern)
  • 6. Be sure that spacer between both bar clamps and stem is uniform
  • 7. Tighten stem bolt to secure stem on steer tube
  • 8. Using a torque wrench, tighten stem bolt till 8.5 nm (75 in-lbs)

Warning: Over-tightening stem bolts will lead to stem damage and void warranty

BMX News, 3/21/2010 wrote:

Put Your Bars in a Choke Hold

At last month’s ABA Gator Nationals, we spied Morphine honcho Jonathan Reeves carrying a plain brown box. Under a Masonic-like vow of secrecy, he showed us what was inside. The box contained the yet-unnamed Morphine Industries pro stem, which we found most pleasing to the eye. That bit of proto product has now been dubbed the "Choke Hold." Here is the official release:

We are stoked about the release and introduction of the CHOKE HOLD stem. Its immediate impact and demand has been exciting. Morphine Industries is broadening our line of quality products this year, with many new introductions in the race and street markets. The CHOKE HOLD is only the start.
The CHOKE HOLD STEM – Front-load aggression for street, park and track.
Front-load with 2 piece top plate
CNC’d from 6061 T6 heat-treated aluminum
Made for 1 1/8” steer tube
8mm bolts
Reach: 53mm
Weight: 9.15 oz
Colors: Black, Red, Gold
Retail $69.95
Come on, get a grip!

*No Vet Pros were harmed in the making of this press release.

Source: BMX News
Date: March 21, 2010
Text By: BMXNEWS.COM Editors
Website: … LfZtsYo.99

Ace BMX, 8/29/2014 wrote:

Morphine Industries Choke Hold Front Load Stem

The Morphine Industries Choke Hold stem is CNC machined from 6061 T6 aluminum and heat treated for strength and durability.  Front load design with unique split stem for weight savings.


  • 1-1/8"
  • 46mm and 53mm lengths
  • Weight: 46mm- 10.1oz/287g  |  53mm- 10.95oz/310g
  • Available In: Black, Blue, Gold and Red

Price: $74.99
Model: Choke Hold
Shipping Weight: 4lbs
Manufactured by: Morphine Industries

Source: Ace BMX
Date: August 29, 2014 (when product was added to their catalog or last edited)
Website: … -5225.html

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