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Sapim Polyax Brass Nipples




Sapim Polyax Brass Nipples

  • Overview...
  • Designed and manufactured in Wilrijk, Belgium
  • Developed in 1995 and sold through 2019
  • Made out of high quality brass - the most common material for wheel nipples
  • Designed to produce a better spoke-nipple line - the round shape of the head works like a ball-joint between the rim and nipple
  • Rounded profile allows up to 12 degrees of adjustment for better spoke seating
  • Roughly three times heavier than Sapim Polyax aluminum nipples
  • Being made out of brass, these are significantly stronger than aluminum nipples
  • For use in a corrosive environment or extreme use
  • Available in three sizes - longer nipples to accommodate rims with deeper profiles
  • Note that the extra length of the longer nipples is effectively an unthreaded extension down the spoke - if you're looking to correct for short spokes, this is not a fix
  • The threads of the 14mm and 16mm long nipples are not longer and are in the same location as the 12mm long version with respect to the nipple head
  • Details...
  • Purpose: to provide the connection between the rim and spoke
  • Forming process: forged
  • Drilling process: drilled by high precision machinery - to ensure meticulousness and quality
  • Surface treatment: not performed
  • Color: silver, black
  • Manufacturers part number (MPN): 14GR3,916POLY14BLK (14g, black);
  • Specs...
  • Size: 2mm (14g) - for 14 gauge spokes
  • Length: 12mm, 14mm, 16mm - note that you can't compensate shorter spokes with longer nipples because all three sizes have the same length of internal threads
  • Weight (each): 0.945g (12mm), 1.0655g (14mm), 1.194g (16mm)
  • Other...
  • Sold in bags of 100 nipples
  • MSRP: $0.15 each (black)

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