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Park Tool Crank Arm Puller’s

Park Tool

CCP-44 (black) and CCP-22 (blue)

The only difference other than the color is the size of the removable button at the end.

To use: Remove spindle bolt. Screw the outside (larger) part of the tool into the threads inside your crank arms.  Then hold the crank arm w one hand and rotate the handle clockwise.  This will screw the button piece on the inside against the spindle.  Keep turning and it will push against the spindle while pulling the crank arm off.  No banging it hammering on spindle required.

I found out the hard way that the smaller button (about 11mm) on the CCP-22 can get stuck INSIDE the hollow GT 19mm spindle.  I managed to get it out, but the threads were slightly damaged.

That is when I went out and got the CCP-44.  It's button is about 16 or 17mm, so it won't stick inside the spindle hole.

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  • Posted 8/8/2018
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