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S&M Prince Albert Cranks (V2)

  • Overview...
  • Intended for BMX racing, dirt jumping, etc.
  • Released in 1995 (approx.)
  • The second version (V2) of Prince Albert crank line
  • Redesigned (with ovalized arms) to look less like Boss Racing's cranks
  • New double-pierced design
  • Details...
  • Three-piece design - stronger than one-piece cranks
  • Black ozidized spindle - to prevent rusting
  • Washers - for spacing
  • Included installation instructions - printed on a piece of white paper
  • Specs...
  • Arms: 4130 chromoly, tubular, heat-treated, capped ends
  • Arm length: 175mm, 180mm, 185mm, 190mm
  • Color: chrome plated (the prototypes were powdercoated fire-engine red)
  • Spindle: 4130 chromoly, heat-treated, 16 splines
  • Weight: 2 lb. 10 oz. (arms, spindle, BB set)
  • Bottom bracket: American bottom bracket cups
  • Bearings: sealed
  • Washers:
  • Pedal axle size: 9/16"
  • Other...
  • MSRP: $199.00
  • Made in U.S.A.

Sources for this Reference Page

  • BMX Plus! magazine, March 1995, p. 60

BMX Plus! Products, March 1995 wrote:

S&M Prince Albert Cranks

S&M sent us its newly re-modeled Prince Alber three-piece crankset for Product Probing. We would have to send them back after testing, S&M said. Bummer. Inside the box we found installation instructions printed ona pice of white paper, a chromoly spindle a sealed botttom bracket set and two fire-engine red crank arms, plus washers and bolts.

Why Red?
For a few months now we have been seeing sume undercover S&M test guys riding these mysterious red cranks. Does the color have something to do with the Canadian brand Red Fisher? Close, but no cigar. As a matter of fact, the redness was due to the prototype-status of the cranks. According to company officials, S&M didn't want to send us bare metal cranks. So S&M painted them red.

All production Prince Albers will come in chrome only, which is the most durable finish for cranks. While the powdercoated protos looked pretty zounds-worthy, the did get a bit scratched up while putting them on and taking them off. So it goes.

Why Oval?
The first Prince Albert cranks to churn off the line resemled Boss Racing's tubular chromoly three-piecers. The Alberts featureed round tubes but had the distinction of pierced ends. The pedal oss (where the pedal spindle threads in) goes through the capped ends of the crank arms. Frank Post!

The arms of the new PAs are ovalized instead of round, and are now pierced at both ends (see spindle configuration on the rank arms). The idea here is added strength and increased stiffness. The ovalization makes the cranks look less like Boss units and more akin to something like Redline Flights.

Why Ozidized?
The spindle has been factory black oxidized to ward off rust, one of the archenemies of the Robot Age to come. Want to know simething else about the spindle? It is made out of chromoly. In addition, it is heat-treated and has more "splines" on it than Redline's, and less than GT's and Profile's. There are 16 splines.

How do they Ride?
The new S&M cranks feel as if they have the same offset as the round ones, but for some reason the ones that we tested (180mm) felt a lick longer than most 180mm-length cranks. Is it because of the pierced ends? Perhaps, but it didn't cause any problems, and it might very well have been a figment of our Test Force's imaginations. These cranks felt extremely stiff.

The firs ttime we put them on, it was a bit difficult getting them seated properly. This is characterisitic of most new three-piece cranksets. We had to indulge them with some light tapping to get them on, but after that, we could us our hands to do the dirty work. All sprockets (sprocket not included) can fit onto Prince Alberts. We tried them with Profiel anda also Redline Flight gears. No problem.

No Problem?
No. Check the specs and the photo of guest tester Shawn Butler for a better bird's-eye view of the new Prince Albert cranks by S&M.

S&M Prince Albert Crank Specs

  • Item: Three-piece tubular chromoly crankset.
  • Price: $199 (sprocket sold separately).
  • Colors: chrome only.
  • Sizes: 175mm-190mm (in 5mm increments).
  • Weight: 2 lb. 10 oz. (arms, spindle, BB set).
  • Construction: 4130 chromoly heat-treated arms and spindle; the rank arms are ovalized and are pierced at both ends for the spindle and pedal bosses; the spindle is black oxidized to prevent rusing; precision sealed bottom bracket; miscellaneous washers are included for spacing; instructions printed on a white piece of paper come with the crankset.
  • Additional information: check your local bike shop.
  • Hits: new double-pierced design, new ovalized crank arms, cool name.
  • Misses: "Logo sample" on the stickers" Come on now.

  • Poto Captions
  • Sean Butler showing no mercy to the new and improved S&M Prince Albert cranks. No mercy at all.
  • Pay head to the fact that Prince Alberts are now pierced at both ends (at the spindle and at the pedal boss). Style, baby.

Source: BMX Plus! magazine, March 1995, p. 60

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