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2001 Standard Cashius

Standard Bykes

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2001 Standard Cashius frame

  • Overview...
  • John "Luc-E" Englebert's signature frame
  • Advertised as being a 'more affordable' Standard Byke Co. (SBC) frames
  • Essentially a Trails Boss with a 20.5" top tube length and without the stay caps at the dropouts
  • Hand made by Waterford Precision Cycle in Waterford, Wisconsin (USA)
  • Details...
  • Material: 100% 4130 chromoly tubing (less expensive that air-hardened OX Platinum tubing), made in U.S.A.
  • Color: yellow, black
  • Head tube style: 1-1/8" (for 1-1/8" threadless forks and 1-1/8" clamp-on stems)
  • Head tube junction: classic Standard headtube gusset
  • Top tube diameter (OD): 1-3/8" outside diameter
  • Down tube diameter (OD): 1-1/2" outside dia.
  • Seat tube inside diameter (i.e., seat post size): 25.4mm (1") seat post
  • Seat tube outside diameter (i.e., seat post clamp size):
  • Bottom bracket shell style: American (for American bottom brackets)
  • Chain/seat stay diameter (OD): 0.9"
  • Brake mount style: 990 U-brake mounts, welded
  • Brake mount location: lugs located on chain stays
  • End of chain/seat stays: open (instead of Standard's distinctive capping)
  • Dropout thickness: 6mm thick
  • Dropout slot height: 3/8" tall (10mm according to Ride UK Apr./May 2001)
  • Weight: 6.9 lb.
  • Geometry...
  • Top tube length (TT): 20.5"
  • Head tube angle (HA): 74.5º
  • Chain stay length (CS): 13.5" to 14.5"
  • Bottom bracket height (BB):
  • Seat tube angle (SA): 71º
  • Stand over height (SH):
  • Wheel base (WB): 36" to 37"
  • Other...
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Made in USA with American materials

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    Original text by Museum Member "sycmatt", 6/11/2018
    (they guy who originally started this Reference page) wrote:

    2001 Standard Bykes Cashius frame. John Englebert aka Luc-E signature frame.

    Essentially a Trails Boss limited to 20.5" top tube length and with out the stay caps at the dropouts. 10mm Dropout slots although I haven't restored them back from being opened up to 14mm, back in the day.

    My particular example doesn't have era correct decals unfortunately. These are from a later (circa 2003) batch. I couldnt source the "Apache" style ones that I know came on this frame. I should know because I picked it up from the shop when it was new, on behalf of an old riding friend.


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