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2018 Fit Van Homan Signature


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2018 Fit VHS (Van Homan Signature) Frame

  • Overview...
  • Van Homan's signature frame for 2018
  • Designed by Van Homan (and others ?) for street, pools, trails, etc.
  • Unveiled on 2/21/2018 (photo of raw head tube junction) by Chris 'Mad Dog' Moeller (S&M Bikes' co-founder and owner) on 2/21/2018 via social media
  • Only available for purchase as a frame (not as a complete bike)
  • Advertised as a limited edition frame - only one "very small" batch of frames were made
  • According to Chad Powers of Powers Bike Shop, only 50 of these frames were made
  • 2018 VHS frames were available for pre-order through your favorite bike shop until April 2, but Powers Bike Shop appeared to have sold their four of their five frames by 3/6/2018 - basically the day they were available for purchase
  • Made by S&M Bikes (Fit Bike Co.'s parent company)
  • Details...
  • Taller headtube - so you don't need to run spacers under your stem or trim your fork
  • Stamped with a horned classic Fit logo on the bottom of the head tube - reminiscent of the Little Devil (clothing company) logo
  • No gyro holes or tabs - intended for use with a straight rear brake cable (bringing it back to Van Homan's roots)
  • Double gussets - for added strength
  • Longer downtube
  • Single bend tapered chainstays
  • Longer dropout slots
  • Specs...
  • Tubing:
  • Finish: powder coated
  • Colors: gloss black, Little Devil red (gloss red)
  • Head tube style: Integrated (Campy Spec, 45°/45° style, for 1-1/8" threadless forks)
  • Gyro holes/tabs: N/A
  • Top tube: 1-3/8" OD tubing
  • Down tube: 1.5" OD tubing
  • Bottom bracket style: Mid (press-in bearings)
  • Seat post size:
  • Seat post clamp size:
  • Brake style:
  • Brake location:
  • Dropout slot height: 14mm
  • Dropout slot length:
  • Dropout thickness: 1/4" thick, 4Q-baked
  • Geometry...
  • Top tube length (TT): 20.75", 21", 21.25"
  • Head tube angle (HA): 75.25 deg.
  • Chain stay length (CS): 13.35"
  • Bottom bracket height (BB): 11.65"
  • Seat tube angle (SA): 71 deg.
  • Stand over height (SH): 9"
  • Other...
  • MSRP: $359.99 USD
  • Ridden by: Van Homan (in 2018, as a 38 year old and on a 21.25" frame),
  • Made in U.S.A. (Santa Ana, CA)

Sources for this Reference Page

Based on geometry alone, Instagram comments were all over the map for this frame.  Everyone seemed to be psyched to see another Van Homan signature frame, but unfortunately, just about everyone had something negative to say.  The general consensus was that it's not a "people friendly" frame, but Van seems to love it, so that's all that really matters.  Here's an assortment of views and comments that were written on Chris Moeller's Instagram page:

  • Negatives...
  • Not enough top tube length selection - "Any chance of a 20.75 version?", "If you do another batch, 21.5 would be lovely.", "Hope you making 20.5 for this @moeller_chris", "damn it too long for me. I need 20.5-20.75. Even my stolen that's 20.75 is a hair too long. 20.6 I feel would be perfect", "20.5"
  • Head tube angle is too steep - "75.25 HT Angle? Wtf is that shit, Van Homan riding flatland now or what.?", "Van too old for that HT angle! And me too sad ", "Mellow the head tube", "Why so steep on the ht?" Doesn't it feel twitchy on trails and jumps at all?",
  • Chain stays are too short - "Way shorter chainstay than I thought @vanderhoman would ride..", "I'd love this with a 9.5 standover and a 13.5-13.75 chainstay.. It drives me nuts when I hit my heals on Icepicks.."
  • No holes for removable gyro tabs - "No gyro holes??", "No holes for removable gyro tabs?", "When's pre order and can 1 be drilled for gyro tabs?", "Gyro tabs sad "
  • Didn't come with welded chainstay 990 mounts - "Hope there's gyro tabs and chainstay brakes!!!!!", "Any chance of getting one with chainstay weld brake posts?"
  • May need a new fork since longer head tube - "Ordering 1 for sure but I'm not feeling the taller head tube!!! Will it have gyro tabs?", "With the longer head tube you would have to make sure your fork was long enough"
  • Same geometry as Mike Aitken's signature frame - "Same specs as the moto mike frame?", "The @mikeaitkenofficial motomike had that headtube angle and Van rode that frame for years!", "So it's basically a Motomike frame. I dig it though.",
  • Too much head input when welding - "Welds look a bit too hot....."
  • Not available with integrated chain tensioners - "@vanderhoman how about built in tensioners?"
  • Positives...
  • Good looking decals - "So sick, decals look awesome", "Dang the decals are really cool too!", "Beautiful. Red VHS decal is a very nice touch", "The red VHS tape!",
  • Built in seat post clamp - "The seat post clamp.... smile"
  • Powder coated finish - "They are powder coated", "Love the color and the specs.", "That red!", "That red is sick!",
  • Head tube logo - "That headtube logo!"
  • Good geometry - "Super clean and killer geometry!",

Fit Bike Co. was started in 1999 by Chris 'Mad Dog' Moeller (S&M Bikes' co-founder and owner).

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