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Navajo was made in house in Arizona. Blazer started in San Antonio Tx and then when the partners split, one moved to AZ and Blazer ended up becoming Navajo.

Here's an excerpt from the owners son that was posted at BMXSociety:

Navajo was started in 1983 by my dad, Tom Lyttleton in Tempe AZ.  He originally purchased Blazer which was owned by David Gerston.  David was an exceptional welder and fabricator for all things, he could figure out all the technical stuff in his head instantly.  The bikes were awesome and still till this day I ride my Navajo Pro along with my boys.  We even hit the local track here in Houston from time to time. Navajo manufactured a mini, pro and cruiser frame.  Plus we also made forks and a few different types of handlebars.  We supported a small factory team that even had members of the Navajo Nation.  The company ended up folding a few years later, but it was a lot of fun while it lasted.

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