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From my research, I believe these are from the 97/98 time period. I contacted Adam at Atomlab and he forwarded the pics to Froggy, Mikes partner and he responded that these are first gen. However, I read here somewhere that first gens had no logos or markings. Maybe a member here can verify that and if need be, I'll make corrections to this post. So, if you have anything to add then please feel free to speak up.

Atomlab was originally started/called Atomic industries and Mike (Founder and owner) changed the name several times. He only made bmx parts at first. Then once he started making changes to all the parts (the 2nd gen.) He changed the name to Atomic Laboratories. After that he started changing designs again (3rd gen.)

Atomic Laboratories or "Atomlab" was founded by Mike Flaherty in December of 1996. Mike is a former BMX pro who has worked as a designer in the bicycle industry for years. He raced from 1979-1985 and was the number 2 ABA East Coast pro behind Tim Judge in `85. Back then dirt jumping was just something you did to have fun when you weren`t racing. Mike was one of the few pros who put more energy into dirt jumping and riding quarterpipes than racing.

Atomlab took off quickly with the success of the Flatboy pedal. Atomlab was originally launched as a BMX only line, but within months of the first products being released most of the top names in downhilling were using Flatboy's. Everyone from John Tomac, Myles Rockwell, Missy Giove, Dave Cullinan, Brian Lopes, and Shawn Palmer had begun using the Flatboy pedals. From then on Atomlab was as much an MTB company as a BMX company.

Here's Atomlab's mission statement from 1996 - "I started this company for one reason - to make the best products ever made. These aren`t generic parts or parts that are supposed to be better because they`re lighter. These are parts for people who actually ride; parts that work on hardcore bikes and are built to survive months of big hits at the trails and on the track, not just 40 seconds of racing. Everything we make is designed specifically for pro level riding, and I`m not just talking about racing or doing tricks. I`m talking about getting up every morning with one thing on your mind - riding. These are the parts I always wanted. Parts for people who love to ride. Give them a try. I think you`ll see what I mean." - Mike Flaherty

It's a little simplistic, but it communicates the purpose that still drives the company. Every effort is made to create products that have a real benefit to the hardcore rider. This is pushed even further with the 'tough as hell' slogan which brought forth the 'shedevil'. Everything breaks, but Atomlab's goal is to create products that won't catastrophically fail when they do. That' one of the reasons that we use so much cromoly even though so many MTB companies push aluminum.

The companies commitment to core riders has been driven by involvement and sponsorship of top pros and up and comers. Most of the top pros we've been associated with over the years have come to us - not for a paycheck, but for the products - riders like Shawn Palmer, Darren Barrecloth, Kyle Strait, Marvin Loetterle, Chris Doyle, and Fabian Barrel.

The commitment to core riders has also driven our efforts to create events for riders, rather than spectators. From our original jump jam back in '02 to the latest Atomlab Supersession, our focus has been on creating events that riders really want to be a part of and that the media can enjoy.

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