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Profile Mini Lite

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Profile Mini Lite Wheelset

  • Overview...
  • Intended for competition BMX racing only
  • Compatible with 20" BMX mini and junior sized frames
  • Considered "new" in the 2005 Profile Racing catalog
  • Details...
  • Sold only as wheelsets - a front and rear wheel
  • The lightest Profile Racing wheelset yet - under 3 lbs.
  • Ultra-lightweight design
  • Featured the legendary Profile Racing cassette technology
  • Specs...
  • Hubset: Profile Mini Lite Cassette
  • Rims: Velocity(TM)
  • Spokes: Marwi USA Ti-Dye(R) titanium spokes
  • Rim size: 20" x 1-1/8"
  • Hole count: 16H (front), 20H (rear)
  • Number of engagement points:
  • Driver style:
  • Compatible cogs:
  • Tube style: Presta valve
  • Rim material: aluminum
  • Rim seam: pinned seam
  • Colors: polished, black, red, blue, gold - mix or match hub and rim colors
  • Weight: 1lb 5.6oz (front wheel), 1lb 9.7oz (rear wheel)
  • Other...
  • MSRP:

  • Used by: Caleb (Profile, 2005), etc.
  • Apparently (according to fnkoolbikes on eBay), two sets were made with pink hubs for Team riders
  • Assembled in U.S.A. (Florida) with American made components

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American Cycle wrote:

Description - Profile Racing Mini Lite Wheelset

Profile Racing cassette hub technology is available now for junior racers in a super-light package. After months of designing and testing, you can now put Profile Racing’s ultra-lightweight wheelset on your mini BMX frame. The new wheelset features Profile Racing’s new Mini Lite cassette hubset with 16-spokes on the front hub and 20-spokes on the rear hub, laced with Ti-Dye titanium spokes and built in a 20” x 1 1/8” aluminum Velocity rim. These are the lightest 1 1/8” x 20-inch wheels on the market today (Front Mini Lite Wheel = 1lb 5.6oz, Rear Mini Lite Wheel = 1lb 9.7oz. compared to Profile’s Mini Race Cassette Hub with regular spokes and 20” x 1 1/8” rim = 2 lbs). Mix or match colors. Available in Polished or Black, Red, Blue or Gold anodized finishes. Sold only as wheelsets (Front/Rear). Profile Racing advises racers to use the Mini Lite wheelset for competition only. Practice and recreational riding should be on another wheelset or your old wheelset.

Source: … t-2390.htm

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