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Late '80s ELF Cranks


United States


These were made by Cook's Quality Products (CQP) for ELF in the late '80s

Approximately 300 sets were made

I am not sure of the exact year these were made, but I know CQP started making cranks sometime in 1987, and the attached article with photos of the cranks is from mid-1988, so likely late 1987.

They are made from the same blanks that they used from the Cook's cranks.

The Story:
Gary Cook at CQP had ordered too much product and was in a bind, so he reached out to his buddy Ken Pendergraft  at ELF to help him out. Ken took the excess stock off his hands and Gary customized and put ELF on them.

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    I got a 5/8 bottom bracket that will fit this if you are looking.

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