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Subrosa Grave Digger




Subrosa Grave Digger Tire

  • Overview...
  • Intended for dirt jumping (trails) and street - but I'd say that they're far better as dirt tires
  • Unveiled on 2/23/2011
  • When released, recognized as the widest BMX tire on the market
  • Considered "one of the best selling BMX tires in the world" by Master Baster Planet on 2/7/2016
  • Details...
  • Designed with a deeply grooved, knobby tread pattern with large lugs and wide set profile - to increase traction on the dirt and street
  • Wide, aggressive knobby tire
  • Round profile for smooth rolling on both hard and soft surfaces
  • Soft and grippy rubber compound
  • Rated up to 85psi but you can easily go up to 100psi
  • Note that the Grave Digger tires are actually a little wider than most 20x2.30" tires (they are 2.52" wide)- make sure that you will have clearance on your frame
  • Specs...
  • Size: 20x2.30"
  • Inflated width: 2.52"/64mm (per Dan's Comp)
  • Inflated diameter: 20.9"/531mm (per Dan's Comp)
  • Max pressure: 85 psi (5.9 Bar)
  • Weight: 29.4 oz (per Dan's Comp); 29oz/22g (perVital BMX
  • Bead: steel wire bead
  • Folding: ?
  • TPI: 60 threads per inch (TPI)
  • ISO Diameter: 406mm (standard for a Pro sized 20" BMX tire)
  • Tire type: clincher
  • Colors: black, gray, white, gum wall, red speed wall, white speed wall, maroon red w/ black sidewall (released on 2/6/2016)
  • Other...
  • MSRP: $32.99USD (approx.), +$2.00 USD for two-tone (approx.)
  • Used by: Kyle Hart (2013), Ryan Sher (2014), etc.
  • Made in Taiwan

Feedback from Actual Users

  • Positive: surprisingly grippy; full of grip; look really aggressive; look good; thick tread; really hard to get flats; runs smooth and fast with all of the tread being equal height all the way around the tire; really good traction on all types of dirt; helps you stick landings and roll out if you land on non-smooth terrain or the side of a dirt landing;
  • Neutral: designed mainly for dirt; reminds me of a bigger Maxxis Holy Roller;
  • Negative: slower than street tires on street (more of a given); NOT the best for park; you're more of a risk to slide out on park transitions; the thread wears down pretty fast (especially on the front); a bit pricey;

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