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2009 S&M Limited Edition LTF Hawaii "Tiki" Frame

  • Overview...
  • Developed by S&M Bikes in collaboration with Nui Art Projects
  • Created to sell and raise proceeds for Stephen Murray, Mike Vincent, Mikey Aitken, Jimmy Levan, and the Athlete Recovery Fund
  • Sold as a limited edition frame, based on the S&M LTF frame
  • Fabricated in mid 2009 and sold into 2010
  • Boasted a Tiki engraved headtube with its mouth as a bottle opener
  • The graphics were modeled after one of the original Hawaiian flags
  • The Hawaiian theme was chosen because Hawaii is about family and taking care of each other - and Mike 'Big Island' Castillo is from there
  • Only 50 of the frames were created, because Hawaii's the 50th state
  • Frames were sold for $420 shipped* - this covered S&M's fabrication and shipping costs, while still raising proceeds for present and future injured BMX riders
  • *international orders were a little more expensive than $420 shipped - in order to cover the added shipping costs
  • Frames could be ordered through Big Island Mike's PayPal account ( - first come, first serve basis
  • By 6/30/2009, all frames had been fabricated
  • Pre-ordered frames shipped to buyer's homes in mid-July 2009
  • By 4/28/2010, only seven (7) frames were still available - all remaining frames had 20.75" top tubes
  • Details...
  • Material: air-hardened, butted, and 4Q baked 4130 super therm chromoly tubing
  • Color: clear coat
  • Graphics: inspired by one of Hawaii's original flags
  • Head tube style: Integrated 45°/45° Campy spec (for 1-1/8" threadless forks with a 45° bearing race)
  • Head tube: engraved with a Tiki head (its mouth doubles as a bottle opener)
  • Gussets: down tube gusset, stamped with "LTF"
  • Top tube: double butted tubing (?)
  • Cable guides: no cable guides, but drilled for a removable 990 U-brake spanner (located on bottom of top tube, near seat tube)
  • Down tube: double butted tubing (?)
  • Bottom bracket shell: for Mid bottom brackets, stamped with "LTF"
  • Seat tube: internally and externally butted, to reduce weigh
  • Required seat post's outside diameter:
  • Required seat post clamp's inside diameter:
  • Chainstays: wishbone chainstays that clear large tires, tapered and bullet tipped chainstays
  • Seatstays: tapered and bullet tipped seatstays
  • Seatstay bridge: machined with S&M shield
  • Brake mounts: located on underside of seatstays, drilled for removable 990 U-brake mounts
  • Dropouts: laser cut to reduce weight
  • Specs...
  • Top tube length (TT): 20.5" (?), 20.75", 21" (?)
  • Head tube angle (HA): 75°
  • Seat tube angle (SA): 71°
  • Chain stay length (CS): 13.65" (slammed)
  • Bottom bracket height (BB): 11.8"
  • Seat tube height: 8.1"
  • Seat tube's inside diameter (ID): 25.4mm (?)
  • Seat tube's outside diameter (OD):
  • Dropout slot height: 14mm
  • Dropout slot length:
  • Stand over height:
  • Wheel base:
  • Other...
  • Weight:
  • MSRP: $420.00 USD shipped* (international orders were a bit more)
  • Frame #27 belongs to Lil' Wayne
  • Ridden by: Big Island (July 2009),
  • Highly collectable, according to some S&M enthusiasts
  • Handmade in U.S.A. (Santa Ana, CA)

Other General Info about the S&M LTF Frames

  • LTF stands for "Lighter than F***"
  • Designed to be as light as possible (an incredible 4.2 lbs w/ 20.5" TT), while still being very strong
  • Very quick and responsive geometry, thanks to a lower stand-over height and a steep 75 headtube angle
  • Hand made in the USA from air-hardened, butted tubing, and 4Q baked 4130
  • Built using the finest materials available by the best in the business
  • From the engraved headtube and swaged seattube to the tapered and bullet tipped stays, this frame sets a new standard for quality in BMX frame manufacturing

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S&M Press Release wrote:

Limited Edition Hawiian Frame From S&M

S & M Bikes in collaboration with Nui Art projects hardly presents The Limited Edition LTF Hawaii frames. Only 50 frames will be made, since Hawaii is the 50th state, it made sense at some point to do just 50. Available in clear coat with different sizes to choose from. The Hawaii LTF features a Tiki engraved headtube with it’s mouth as a bottle opener. Drinking just got that much cooler, I mean BMX just got that much cooler.
E-mail right now to pre-order your frame… today… hurry! Once they’re gone, they’re gone.
Happy King Kamehameha Day! June 11, 2009.

Publish date: June 11, 2009
Text by: Juan Hander
Website: … e-from-sm/

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    This is great mate. I have the serial no HI0004 on mine. One of lifes regrets is that I set it up once killing the NOS factor. My mother was from New Zealand and I grew up w/ Tiki's all around so it feels great to own one of these. It is a 20.75. I also love the LTF more than any other S


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