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2017 Vendetta Pro Elite




2017 Vendetta Pro XL/XXL/XXXL Elite Race Frames

  • Overview...
  • Intended for BMX racing, but may be strong enough for light and smooth trails use
  • The 2nd generation Vendetta race weapon
  • Redesigned in 2016 with a new hydro-formed top tube, new chains stays, and new CNC dropouts
  • Designed in Northern California by Eric Dyer of Vendetta Bicycles and manufactured in Canada by Yess Bicycles
  • Introduced on April, 12 2016 and sold throughout 2017
  • Used by numerous racers on Northern California's Factory Vandetta Race Team and the Elite Bicycles Bike Shop Team
  • Details...
  • Frame sizes: Pro XL, Pro XXL, Pro XXXL
  • Material: 6061-T6 aluminum (heat treated)
  • Head tube style: Integrated 45°/45° Campy spec (for 1-1/8" threadless forks with a 45° bearing race)
  • Head tube: machined and faced, so the press-in bearings fit tight
  • Gussets: down tube gusset (adopted from Vendetta's mountain bike frames)
  • Top tube: hydro-formed, to increase stiffness
  • Stand over: reduced an inch from previous Vendetta frame models
  • Top tube: same as the previous Vendetta frames
  • Cable guides: two (2) top tube cable guides at approx. 7 o'clock, one near the head tube and one near the seat tube (curve brake cable along the hydro-formed top tube)
  • Bottom bracket shell: threaded Euro bottom bracket shell (for Euro bottom brackets)
  • Required seat post's outside diameter: 26.8mm (Pro, Pro XL, Pro XXL), 27.2mm (Pro XXXL)
  • Required seat post clamp's inside diameter: 31.8mm (Pro, Pro XL, Pro XXL, Pro XXXL)
  • Seat tube stickout: decreased for a sleeker look
  • Seat stays and chain stays: ovalized tubing (to increase stiffness), wider than previous Vendetta frames
  • Recommended wheel size: 20x1.75" (Pro, Pro XL, Pro XXL, Pro XXXL)
  • Brake mounts: V-brake mounts (for V-brakes)
  • Axle slots: 3/8" tall axle slot (for hubs with 3/8" or 10mm axles/axle studs)
  • Chain tensioners: N/A, but compatible with Yess Bicycles disc brake conversion kit
  • Specs...
  • Top tube length (TT): 20.83" (Pro), 21.25" (Pro XL), 21.5" (Pro XXL), 22" (Pro XXXL)
  • Head tube angle (HA): 73° (Pro), 74° (Pro XL), 74° (Pro XXL), 74° (Pro XXXL)
  • Seat tube angle (SA): 71° (Pro), 72° (Pro XL), 72° (Pro XXL), 72° (Pro XXXL)
  • Bottom bracket height (BB): 11.5" (Pro), 11.5" (Pro XL), 11.5" (Pro XXL), 11.38" (Pro XXXL)
  • Chain stay length (CS): 14.25" (Pro), 14.4" (Pro XL), 14.5" (Pro XXL), 14.67" (Pro XXXL)
  • Seat tube's inside diameter (ID): 26.8mm (Pro, Pro XL, Pro XXL), 27.2mm (Pro XXXL)
  • Seat tube's outside diameter (OD): 31.8mm (Pro, Pro XL, Pro XXL, Pro XXXL)
  • Stand over height: ?
  • Wheel base: ?
  • Other...
  • Weight: 3 lb. 11 oz. (Pro XL)
  • Colors: Black Jack (satin), Illusion Blurple, Illusion Purple, Stone Black (matte), Matte Green
  • MSRP: $499.99 USD
  • For sale on the Vandetta website and at the Elite Bicycles shop in Citrus Heights, CA
  • It's price was marked down to $419.99 USD by mid 2017
  • Compatible with Yess Bicycles' disc brake conversion kit (for 3/8" hub axles with built-in chain tensioners and a 140mm disc rotor mount) - can run either cable or hydraulic disc brakes
  • Promotional video: … mp;theater
  • Made in Canada

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I researched these frames because my good friend and fellow trails rider Randy Cornelius (@randyc_83) bought one at the start of 2017 BMX race season.  He had one of the previous Vendetta frame models, so when these came out, he naturally bought one.  Randy primarily races, but he also does his fair share of dirt jumping/trail riding.  He loves how stiff the frame is and was stoked on the shape of the hydro-formed top tube.

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    Vendetta USA started in 2005. Current owner Eric Dyer purchased Vendetta in 2008. We use 6061 tubing that is made in the USA. Thanks


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