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Homeless Bikes Quilled Stem

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This is an early-nineties Homeless Bikes freestyle stem with the Pott's mod hollow wedge bolt. I recently acquired it from an old riding buddy, and it wasn't in too bad of condition. Unfortunately, it carried the shameful marks that plague most mid-school stems... the marks of a clueless kid with a hammer.
Started working on it early this afternoon, and ended up spending about three hours solid of just sanding out the hammer marks with 5000 grit sandpaper and a scotch-brite pad. Once all the hammer marks, scratches and gouges had disappeared, I moved on to polishing it up. The fine-grit sandpaper and scotch-brite pad had left all of the surface areas fairly smooth, so I didn't have to spend a lot of time on the polishing wheel. Used white emory compound and a cloth sisal wheel to buff out any of the remaining scratches and blemishes, and then finished off with Mother's Mag and Wheel Polish.
The circular Homeless "H" logo decal was pretty well gone when I first got the stem, but luckily a friend of mine from Facebook had a few repop decals and sent me a bunch. Overall, I'm extremely happy with how this one turned out. Now I just have to start thinking about an early-nineties freestyle or street build...

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  • Posted 8/17/2017
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