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Fall Risk Racing (FRR) V-Block CS Edition



Fall Risk Racing (FRR) V-Block CS Edition Top Load Stem

  • Overview...
  • Intended for BMX racing
  • Developed in early to mid 2017 (approx.)
  • Unveiled on 8/1/2017
  • Available for two handlebar sizes (clamping bar), with two different reaches, and in five different colors
  • Real-world testing by several FRR team racers and Daniel R Galusha in mid August 2017
  • Specs...
  • Material: 6061-T6 aluminum, CNC machined
  • Clamp diameter: 22.2mm (7/8"), 31.8mm (1¼")
  • Reach: 48mm, 53mm
  • Bar rise: 37mm
  • Stack height: 35mm
  • Pinch bolts: 8mm
  • Cap bolts: 8mm (22.2mm version), 5mm (31.8mm version)
  • Weight (22.2mm version): 232g/8.2oz (48mm), 240g/8.5oz (53mm)
  • Weight (31.8mm version): 247g/8.7oz (48mm), 255g/9.1oz (53mm)
  • Color: red, blue, purple (?), black (?), silver (?)
  • Other...
  • MSRP: $79.00 USD
  • For sale at AZ Bicycle Werx in Phoenix, Arizona
  • Made in... (?)

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My buddy Daniel Galusha... yeah, the guy from Vegas who always reps S&M and Onyx on Facebook... got hooked up with one of these stems, so he asked me to do a quick write-up on it.  When Daniel first showed me photos of his V-Block stem on 8/7/2017, Trek's original 1-1/8" threadless clamp-on BMX stem (the shape of its base) and Answer's Rocker seat post (its top cap) instantly came to mind.  After these mid-school gems, the angles and anodized color (red) reminded me of ATOM Bikes' triple clamp fork.  In recent memory though, I've never seen ANYTHING like FRR's V-block stem - very unique and distinctive design.

The Fall Risk Racing V-Block stem is unarguably a head-turner.  Its angles are unlike any other stem that I've seen and it's been trimmed out while maintaining a really cool shape.

I'm not sure when the V-Blocks will be going into full production (it appears that only a few prototypes have been made for testing purposes at this time), but if you get one for your race bike, they'll definitely make you stand out!  If you want something a bit different, give AZ Bicycle Werx a call (1-602-466-3477) and find out when they'll be available.

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