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1982 Johar California Lite E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial


United States


ET The Extra-Terrestrial padset - California Lite (Johar), introduced 1982.

An optional extra on the Kuwahara ET BMX (along with the Neal ET numberplate) and also sold as aftermarket items.

There were 2 versions available:
California Lite branded depicting 3 bicycles. Straight crossbar pad was also available.
Universal Studios branded depicting one bicycle, no California Lite logos and *usually appearing in 'Universal Studios 1982' packaging as shown. You can also see the ET outline is blue rather than purple. Again, two crossbar pad versions were available.

*The 'Universal Studios' pads have also been seen in California Lite packaging proving that both versions were made by Johar and are identical apart from the graphics. The 'Universal Studios' pads appeared on magazine test bikes in the early 80's (see BMX Bi-Weekly Vol 3 Issue 4) so both are equally valid for an ET build.

There are also reproduction ET pads available which are in the style of the 'Universal Studios' pads.
The final padset shown is of unknown origin, possibly custom-made?

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