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Profile Race Seat

Profile Racing Inc.

Taiwan, Province of China


Profile Racing Race Seat

  • Overview...
  • Designed for BMX racing - it has more of aerodynamic design
  • Released on 10/14/2005 (approx.)
  • Recognized as a new product in Profile Racing's 2006 product line
  • Available through 2008 (approx.)
  • Features...
  • Sleek aerodynamic shape
  • Durable synthetic top cover
  • Embroidered Profile "Wing-P" logo
  • Kevlar weave at noes and back sides - tear resistant
  • Titanium rails - to reduce weight
  • Details...
  • Brand: Profile Racing
  • Product: seat/saddle
  • Name: Race Seat
  • Top: synthetic material
  • Embroidery: silver and red Profile Racing Wing-P logo
  • Sides: Kevlar - for added durability
  • Base: plastic
  • Nose: injection-molded plastic
  • Rails
  • Material: titanium (Ti)
  • Coating: chromium nitride (CrN)
  • Specs...
  • Weight: 7.1 oz.
  • Length (nose to tail):
  • Width (at widest part):
  • Thickness (up from center of rails):
  • Other...
  • MSRP: $47.95
  • Sample date of manufacture (month/year):
  • - 5/06 (@greentrashmaster)
    - 5/06 (@stevenbven)
    - 9/07 (@pharv85)
  • Made in Taiwan

Profile Racing's "Race Seat" was a new product for 2006 and they were definitely still being made in 2007 (I have one with a base that was manufactured in September 2007). As most bicycle saddles were made overseas during the years that this seat was available, I'm pretty sure that these seats were made overseas as well (more than likely in Taiwan).

Sources for this Reference Page:

Characteristics of CrN Coatings:

  • General...
  • A dense, continuous coating (unlike hard chrome which has microcracking)
  • Thin film coating applied by environmentally safe, Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) vacuum system
  • Can be applied to most metals to provide enhanced surface characteristics, and can also be applied to some ceramics and plastics
  • Has the appearance of metallic silver, but is an ultra-hard material
  • Is dense and non-porous
  • Forms an outstanding bond to the base material that will not blister, flake or chip
  • Characteristics...
  • Hard (2x harder than chrome)
  • Inert and stable material
  • Extremely strong adhesion—molecular bond to substrate metal
  • Thin film typically 3 µm (0.000118") thick
  • Uniform coating with no buildup on edges
  • Follows surface texture of the part
  • Electrically conductive and non-oxidizing
  • Non-toxic and FDA compliant
  • Resistant to most chemicals
  • Metallic chrome appearance
  • Environmentally friendly process
  • Applications...
  • Sliding wear applications
  • Wear resistance on precision components
  • Eliminates galling, fretting, microwelding, seizing and adhesive wear
  • Enhances corrosion resistance but does not perfectly encapsulate the part
  • Low Friction
  • Little dimensional impact, perfect for close tolerance parts

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