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Answer Rocker EA70 Alloy Seat Post

  • Designed for BMX racing
  • The most expensive BMX seat post when first available - $10.00 more than Brand X's titanium micro adjust post
  • Used by Brian Reust by at least Nov. '95, as seen in Snap magazine (Nov/Dec 1995, p. 13)
  • Sold at Dan's Comp from June '96 to Jan. '02
  • Exclusive CNC machined head with unique two-way independent fore/aft seat tilt adjustment (patent pending)
  • Lightweight seat rail X-clamp design
  • Permanent seat angle and seat tube height indicator (calibration) marks along the pillar (shaft) - provide for accurate re-adjustments
  • Available in four different sizes
  • Featured on BMX Plus! magazine's 1997 Ultimate BMX Bike
  • Specs...
  • Shaft diameter: 26.8mm, 27.0mm, 27.2mm, 31.6mm
  • Shaft material: high performance Easton EA70 TaperWall™ aluminum tubing
  • Shaft length: 350mm
  • Head material: 6061 aluminum (CNC machined)
  • Head adjustment: two-way independent seat adjustment
  • Finish: brushed aluminum
  • Graphics: durable black anodized graphics
  • Minimum insertion depth: 70mm (into frame's seat tube)
  • Shaft thickness (at bottom): 1.25mm (approx.)
  • Weight: 220g (7.76 oz) - per Answer
  • Weight: 7.4 oz (210 g) - per Dan's Comp
  • U.S. Patent No: 5,547,155
  • Patent filing date: 9/1/1994
  • Patent information:
  • Part number: 85-8600 (26.8mm), 85-8601 (27.0mm), 85-8602 (27.2mm), 85-8603 (31.6mm)
  • Used by: Jason Richardson, 1996-1997 (Giant Mosh, AA Pro); Steve Veltman, 1997 (Torker, AA Pro); Jarrett Kolich, 2001 (Pro Concept)
  • MSRP: $99.95 USD - per BMX Plus!,
  • Sold at Dan's Comp for $99.99 (reduced to $89.99 in July '96, then to $79.99 in July '01, and finally to $39.99 in Sept. '01)
  • Made in the U.S.A. (Valencia, CA)

Since I just bought one of these seat posts (NIP for $35.00 USD shipped via eBay seller), I thought I'd better research it.  My seat post (31.6mm) will not be used and it's not for sale.  When I receive the post, I'll take some more detailed pictures.

Text on Original Package

  • On front...
  • Rocker™ Answer® EA70 Alloy Post
  • 2 way independent seat adjustment
  • 6061 aluminum CNC machined head
  • Easton® EA70 taperwall seat pillar
  • Permanent calibration marks for accurate re-adjustment
  • On back...
  • Rocker Seat Post Features
  • Unique 2 way, independent seat adjustment provides separate fore/aft and seat tilt adjustments (Pat. pending) head is CNC machined from 6061 aluminum and features a lightweight seat rail X-clamp design.
  • Seat angle and seat tube height indicator marks are provided for accurate re-adjustment.
  • The seat pillar is made from high performance Easton(R) EA70 taperwall tubing.  Easton's taperwall design maximizes strength and minimizes weight.
  • Comes with a durable anodized finish and permanent calibration marks for accurate re-adjustments.
  • 2 Way independent fore/aft and seat tilt adjustment
  • 6061 aluminum CNC machined head
  • lightweight seat rail X-clamp design
  • Permanent calibration marks for accurate re-adjustment
  • Easton EA70 taperwall seat pillar
  • Durable anodized finish
  • Rocker™ EA70 Alloy Post
  • Answer®
  • Valencia, CA • 91355

TaperWall™ Technology

  • Starts with computer-modulated draw benches that create multiple thicknesses in the same tube - tube walls can be reinforced anywhere with incredible precision
  • In aluminum, the result is jeweler-smooth walls that eliminate stress points - boosting strength, reducing weight and improving fatigue life
  • In Easton's carbon composite components, TaperWall applies more material to wall surfaces where stiffness is paramount and less material to areas requiring more compliance
  • The advantage is clear in aluminum or composite - TaperWall radically enhances strength and durability, at less weight
  • Additionally, TaperWall produces lively, responsive ride quality and improved shock absorption

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