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2015 S&M Speedwagon Decals

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2015 S&M Speedwagon Decal Set

  • Available in early-May 2015
  • Replaced the 2013 S&M Speedwagon decals (
  • Die cut stickers - for frame, fork, and bar
  • Reminiscent of JMC Racing frame decals from the 1980's
  • Complete set - 6 decals (see photo)
  • Frame down tube decal - "S&M Speed~wagon" (210mm wide, 38mm tall - each side)
  • Seat stay decal - "S&M Made in USA" (32mm diameter)
  • Fork leg decals - "S&M racing" (156.5mm wide, 23mm tall)
  • Handlebar crossbar decal - "S&M racing" (115.5mm wide, 17.5mm tall)
  • Handlebar decal - "S&M Made in USA" (32mm diameter)
  • *All measurements listed above, were measured with a ruler having 1mm increments
  • Colors: black, white
  • MSRP: $9.99 USD (approx.)
  • Available for purchase at S&M by at least 5/9/2015 for $9.99 + s/h
  • No longer available from S&M in mid-2019 (approx.) - all sold out
  • … cker-pack/
  • Designed and printed in the USA

I saw a set of these vintage looking S&M Speedwagon decals for the first time on 5/2/2015 in Sacramento, CA.  My friend Dougie ( drove up from Orange County (Southern California) with a crew of friends for the second leg of the 2015 Dig and Destroy dirt series ( and had a new white S&M Speedwagon down tube decal on the front triangle of his bike.  I initially thought that the decal was a one-off, but after talking with Dougie (he works at S&M), I learned that it was one of the new S&M Speedwagon decals.  Dougie mentioned that the decals would come in black and white.

The next day, I gave Gabe Weed ( an e-mail to see if he could pick up a set of black decals for me; Gabe owns a small bike shop in Orange County and visits S&M multiple times each week.  Gabe didn't even know that S&M was making new decals, but he zipped down to S&M, saw the new decals for the first time, and picked up one set for me smile .  I bought the decals at Cheap Goods on 5/5/2015 for $10.00 cash.  Note that these new decals are reminiscent of JMC Racing decals from the 1980's.

Here are pictures of my 2013 S&M Speedwagon bike (  I'm waiting for S&M to release pictures/frames with these decals installed before I put the new decals on my bike since I'm not entirely sure where they're supposed to go.  Here's what Dougie had to say though (5/6/2015): wrote:

The biggest one goes in the middle of the down tube and the chrome one goes just below the middle of the seat tube in the front.  The smallest S&M Racing one goes to one side on the front of the bars.  And you have some extras to put where ever you want.

S&M Bikes

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  • Posted 2015-05-09
  • Updated 2019-07-16
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    These new decals are ugly.  I get that they're a throwback style but they look cheap and uninspired.  The old Speedwagon decals looked awesome.

    NickP22 wrote:

    These new decals are ugly.  I get that they're a throwback style but they look cheap and uninspired.  The old Speedwagon decals looked awesome.

    Personally, I agree with you Nick.  I love how the original yellow Speedwagon decals looked.  However, when I was putting together my Speedwagon (I purchased it used with no decals), I decided to go with the new decals because they just seemed to go with the bike better (see photo below). If/when I get my hands on another used Speedwagon frame, my plan though is to paint it Nickelodeon slime green and use a set of yellow Speedwagon decals that I have.  Basically, I want to go for this look (


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