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Profile Gas (V2)

Profile Racing Inc.

United States


Profile Racing Gas Pedals

  • Overview...
  • First available in 2005
  • Available through at least 2007 (Source: 'New for 2007' Profile fold-out catalog)
  • Often recognized as 'second generation' Profile Gas pedals
  • Replaced the Profile Billet Platform pedals (
  • New and improved - bottom fed traction-pins made pin replacement easier
  • Self lubricating precision sealed-cartridge bearings
  • Massive 12mm 4130 chromoly axles
  • Strong heat treated spindles
  • Each pedal body required five separate milling processes to make the finished product
  • Only compatible with three piece cranks
  • Details...
  • Pedal body material: CNC machined 6061-T6 billet aluminum bodies
  • Bearings: self lubricating precision sealed-cartridge bearings
  • Pins: 18 replaceable Phillips-head pins per pedal
  • Axle material: 4130 chromoly (titanium axles available as an upgrade)
  • Axle size: 9/16" axle (for 3-piece cranks)
  • 5 milling processes: planed billet, bored, reamed, sculpted, and polished or anodized
  • Weight (per pedal): 12.5 oz. (10.6 oz. with upgraded titanium axles)
  • Colors: polished (silver), black, gold, red, blue, antifreeze (lime green), tangerine (orange), grape (purple)
  • Replacement pedal spindles available
  • MSRP: $119.00 USD ($164.00 USD with titanium axles)
  • Sold for $109.00 USD at (mail order) in April 2005
  • Sold for $110.00 USD at ($160.00 USD with titanium spindles) in May 2005
  • Made in the U.S.A.


Profile, late-2004 wrote:

Profile Racing Gas Pedals

Long lasting platform pedals - Bodies are CNC machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum - Features three sealed, self-lubricating cartridge bearings per pedal with massive 12mm chromoly pedal axles - Titanium axles available as an upgrade

Source: Profile Racing's 2005 Catalog (page 10)
URL Link:

Profile Ad wrote:

New and improved Profile Racing's Gas Pedals & Alutanium Pegs.  Bottom fed traction pins on our CNC machined billet aluminum pedals makes replacement easy.  Only 10.6 oz/pair with titanium upgrade.  Our Alutanium Pegs feature a new honeycomb design that sheds weight to 6.4 oz/peg.  Recommended for light street and ramp use.  Available now.  For more information go to...

Source: Profile Racing's Advertisment
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