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Profile Racer XL Decals

Profile Racing Inc.

United States


Profile Racer XL Decal Set

  • Complete set - 8 decals (see photo)
  • Top tube decals - "Racer XL" (113.5mm wide, 24.5mm tall), "Made in USA w/ 4130 Chromoly" (27.5mm wide, 27mm tall)
  • Down tube decals - "Profile Racing" (315.12mm wide, 53mm tall)
  • Head tube decal - "Authentic Original" (48mm wide at wing tips, 71.5mm tall)
  • Seat stay decals - "Profile Racing" (133mm wide, 22mm tall)
  • Seat tube decal - "Authentic Original"
  • *All measurements listed above, with the exception of the down tube decals (measured with a tape measure having 1/16" increments; measured as 12-6.5/16"), were measured with a ruler having 1mm increments
  • MSRP: $12.00 USD (approx.)
  • Dan's Comp sold "factory frame decal sets" in 2001 for $9.99 USD - I don't think Dan's sold Profile decals though
  • Profile is currently selling old stock Profile X-File frame sticker kits for $34.95 USD (not including s/h) - … ductId=437
  • Designed and printed in the USA

I've liked Profile components since I started riding trails in the mid- to late-1990's (I had chrome 180mm Profile cranks and a polished 45T Profile Whippit sprocket on my bike).  However, I quit riding in about 2000 and, after buying a Haro Monocoque as a "commuter bike" in 2005 (, started building a BMX bike/part collection in late-2010.  One of the first bikes that I coveted was John De Bruin's 2004-ish Profile Racer XL (he first posted pictures of the bike in BMX Museum on 11/21/2010).  Well, after John had the bike for nearly four years, he put it up for sale on 5/13/2014 ($1,100 USD shipped).  The bike sold (I didn't even realize that it was for sale), but after the buyer backed out (, the bike was relisted on 10/9/2014 (  I immediately PM'd John and tried to get if for a little less than his asking price.  He was willing to let it go for $900.00 USD shipped, so I became the proud owner on 10/10/2014 :) .

Seeing that the frame was missing the top tube and seat stay decals, I started looking for Profile Racer XL decals.  Miraculously, a seller on eBay put a complete of decals up for sale on 10/21/2014 for $30.00 USD + s/h (another $4.00).  I messaged that seller too and managed to get the frame sticker kit for $26.00 USD shipped on 10/22/2014.  We were both happy with the deal, and now my bike will have all of the correct decals :cool: .

If you want high-resolution scans of any of these decals, give me a PM and I'll e-mail you the files.

Profile Racing, Inc.

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